Dom & Karina McKenna

We believe in surrounding yourself with mentors. People who have values and life results that you want. In absorbing yourself with that wisdom it always directly (and indirectly) gets you closer to your ideal self and lifestyle.
"We are nothing special. Our life and success is a direct reflection from who we know, not what we know"

Leadership By Example

Leadership & Mentorship

We believe that when the leader gets better, everyone gets better. Self leadership is an area we strive to master and then mentor & coach people to do the same.”Hustle until you don’t have to struggle then keep hustling so you can help others who are still struggling”

Work Hard, Play Hard

Adventure & Travel

Count it all joy! ‘work hard, play hard.’ A toddler learns at the speed it does because it is having fun while it is learning. As a family and business team, we love staying active and trying new things, but in whatever we’re doing; learning a new skill, traveling to a new destination, or enjoying a favourite family pastime-the most important thing to us is that we are together and united within that joy.

Raising The Next Generation

Intentional Parenting

Intentional parenting aims to empowers parents to raise their children with purpose, principles, and values, so they grow up knowing just who they are.

Freedom & Joy

Faith & Family

Outside of our faith, family is the most important thing in our life, and that’s not just something we say. We strive every day to live that out in the way we spend our time within our own family, and we believe in serving and sowing into others so they might experience the freedom and joy that comes with living in their values as well.

Fitness & Health

We believe that fitness & health are core to becoming successful. Healthy mind makes a healthy life. In the fitness area like our emotional life, there is always a new level of capacity to reach so we chase that daily.

August 1, 2019

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December 10, 2018

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December 10, 2018

Family First

... Family Legacy, Over Family Leisure... We believe our long term goals for our family ahead matter more than the emotional wants of today.